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We are committed to being open and honest about our sourcing and manufacturing process. We believe in giving the client the information they need to make an informed decision. With over 50 years of experience in pharmaceuticals and rapid diagnostic tests, our team can tailor the needs to whatever you need. From FDA approved to CE Mark to WHO approved products, we offer products at every price range and for every setting and country.


API Pharma USA is a multi-faceted company that offers solutions for every clinic, hospital, public health system and country. API either manufactures, imports or distributes thousands of high-quality medications. Orphan drugs can be difficult to find but API has your back. Cancer drugs are out of reach for many low-income settings but API has some of the best prices in the world. We have years of experience in helping countries administer drugs through public health programs to combat parasites, malaria, elephantiasis and a host of other drugs. Our website has some examples of the medications we carry but please contact us for whatever you need.

Rapid Diagnostic Tests

It’s as simple as a test for pregnancy or blood glucose. Most people have become familiar with rapid diagnostic tests through self-testing during Covid.

For the antigen tests, perform a shallow nasal swab and place in the tube. For the antibody tests, add a few drops of blood to the small well. Then, add reagent to the tiny well and wait. If only one line appears, the test is negative. If more than one line appears, the test is positive. You’ll know who has the virus in 20 minutes for the antigen test or who has been exposed to the virus in the past in only 15 minutes with the antibody test.

Did you know that you can test for hundreds of diseases and conditions using these same simple platforms? Without electricity, running water, or a roof over your head, API offers solutions for public health testing that are cheap and easy.



How To Order

To ensure proper use and accountability, FDA guidance mandates verification as we continue to negotiate the rapidly evolving global supply chain. To begin verification process, please contact


FDA Emergency Use Authorization

We’ve submitted an application for Covid-Rapid test kit to be permitted for sale under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization(EUA).


Store as packaged in the sealed pouch at 45-90 F, avoid heat and sunshine, excessive humidity. Valid for 12 months. DO NOT FREEZE. Do not open the inner packaging until ready, it must be used in one hour if opened.

Test Result Reporting

Test results should be shared with your contacts and must be shared with local department of health in order to help prevent further spread.

Medical use only

These test kits may only be used by medical professionals.