Sample of Medications

Product Specifications Packing Standard
Ampicillin Sodium for Inj. 0.25g/0.5g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box BP
Ampicillin+Cloxacillin sodium for inj. 0.5g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box CP
Ampicillin Sodium and Sulbactam Sodium for Inj. 0.75g/1.5g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Ampicillin Sodium and Oxacillin Sodium for Inj. 0.5g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Piperacillin Sodium for Inj. 0.5g/1.0g/4.0g 1/10/50vial/box BP
Amoxicillin Sodium for Inj. 0.25g/0.5g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box BP
Mezlocillin Sodium for Inj. 0.5g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Azlocillin Sodium for inj. 0.5g/1.0g/2.0g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Flucloxacillin Sodium For Inj. 0.25g/0.5g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box BP
Cloxacillin Sodium for Inj. 0.25g/0.5g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box BP
Oxacillin Sodium for Inj. 0.5g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Benzylpenicillin Sodium for Inj. 0.8mega/1mega/1.6mega /2mega/5mega/10mega 1/10/50vial/box BP
Benzylpenicillin Potassium for Inj. 1mega 1/10/50vial/box BP
Procaine Penicillin for Inj. 0.4mega/0.6mega/0.8me ga/1mega/3mega 1/10/50vial/box BP
(Fortified)ProcainePenicillin& Penicillin Sodium for Inj. 1.2mega/2mega/4mega 1/10/50vial/box BP
(Fortified)ProcainePenicillin& Penicillin Potassium for Inj. 2mega/4mega 1/10/50vial/box BP
Amoxicillin Sodium and Clavulanate Potassium IV 0.6g/1.2g 1/10/50vial/box CP/BP
Benzathine for Inj. 0.6mega/1.2mega/2.4me ga 1/10/50vial/box BP
Triple penicillin for inj. 1.2mega 1/10/50vial/box ES
Ticarcliln disodium and clavulanate potassium for inj. 1.6g/3.2g 1/10/50vial/box CP
Tazobactam sodium and piperacillin sodium for inj. 2.25g/4.5g 1/10/50vial/box CP
Sulbenicillin Sodium for Inj. 1.0g/2.0g 1/10/50vial/box CP
Cephalosporins powder for inj. Specifications Packing Standard
Cefradine for Inj. 0.25g/0.5g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Cefazolin Sodium for Inj. 0.25g/0.5g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Cefoperazone Sodium for Inj. 0.25g/0.5g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Cefoperazone Sodium and Sulbactam Sodium for Inj. 1.0g/1.5g/2.0g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Ceftriaxone Sodium for Inj. 0.25g/0.5g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Ceftriaxone Sodium & Sulbactam Sodium for Inj. 1.5g 1/10/50vial/box IH
Cefotaxime Sodium for Inj. 0.25g/0.5g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Ceftazidime for Inj. 0.25g/0.5g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Cefepime for inj. 0.5g/1g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Cefalotin Sodium for Inj 0.5g/1g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Cefuroxime for inj. 0.75g/1.5g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Cefonicid Sodium for Inj. 0.5g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box CP
Cefminox Sodium for Inj. 0.5g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box CP
Cefpiramide Sodium for Inj. 0.5g/1.0/2g 1/10/50vial/box CP
Sulbactam Sodium for Inj. 0.25g/0.5g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Cefpirome Sulfate for Inj. 0.25g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box CP
Non-penicillin and non-Cephalosporins powder for inj. Specifications Packing Standard
Chloramphenicol Sodium Succinate for Inj. 1g 1/10/50vial/box BP
Erythromycin Lactobionate for Inj. 1g 1/10/50vial/box BP
Streptomycin Sulfate for Inj. 0.75g/1g/5g 1/10/50vial/box BP/USP
Vancomicina for inj. 500mg/1g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Fosfomycin sodium for inj. 1g 1/10/50vial/box CP
Lysine Acetylsalicylate For Inj. 0.9/1.8g 1/10/50vial/box CP/ES
Meclofenoxate Hydrochloride for inj. 25mg 1/10/50vial/box CP
Meropenem for Inj. 0.5g/1.0g 1/10/50vial/box CP/BP
Imipenem and cilastatin for inj. 500mg/1g 1/10/50vial/box USP
Lyophilized powder for Inj Specifications Packing Standard
Omeprazole Sodium for Injection 40mg 1/10/50vial/box CP
Esomeprazole Sodium for Injection 40mg 1/10/50vial/box CP
Pantoprazole Sodium for Inj. 40mg 1/10/50vial/box CP
Vitamin B Complex for inj. B1 50mg 4vial+4 solvent/box ES
B6 250mg
B12 5mg
Vitamin C for Inj. 1g 1/10/50vial/box CP
Reduced glutathione for Inj. 0.3/0.6/1.2g 1/10/50vial/box CP
Ketoprofen for inj. 100mg 1/10/50vial/box ES
Tranexamic Acid for inj. 0.25g/0.5g 1/10/50vial/box CP/BP
Tramadol Hydrochloride for Injection 0.1g 1/10/50vial/box CP
Buflomedil Hydrochloride for inj. 50mg 1/10/50vial/box CP/BP
Ligustrazine Phosphate Inj. 50mg 1/10/50vial/box CP/BP
Isosorbide Mononitrate for inj. 25mg 1/10/50vial/box CP/BP
Matrine for Inj. 0.2g 1/10/50vial/box CP/BP
Matrine for Inj. 0.15g 1/10/50vial/box CP/BP
Alginric Sodium Diester for inj. 0.1g 1/10/50vial/box CP/BP
Troxerutin for inj. 0.1g 1/10/50vial/box CP/BP
Levocarnitine for inj. 1.0g 1/10/50vial/box CP/BP
Lysine Hydrochloride for inj. 1.5g 1/10/50vial/box CP/BP
Puerarin for Inj. 0.1g/0.2g 1/10/50vial/box CP/BP
Tropisetron Hydrochloride for Inj. 5mg 1/10/50vial/box CP
Meglumine Adenosine Cyclophosphate for Inj. 30mg/60mg 1/10/50vial/box CP
Diammonium Glycyrrhizinate for Inj. 0.15g 1/10/50vial/box CP
Compound Glycyrrhizin for Inj. 230mg 1/10/50vial/box CP
Piracetam for Inj. 2.0g 1/10/50vial/box CP
Potassium Sodium Dehydroandroan drographolide Succinate for Inj. 200mg/800mg 1/10/50vial/box CP
Methiouine and vitamin B1 for inj. 100mg:10mg 1/10/50vial/box 1/10/50vial/box CP
Mecobalamin for Inj. 0.5mg 1/10/50vial/box CP
Doxofylline for Inj. 0.2g 1/10/50vial/box CP
Nimodipine for Inj. 2mg/4mg 1/10/50vial/box CP
Citicoline Sodium for Inj. 0.25g 1/10/50vial/box CP
Liquids Inj. Specifications Packing Standard
Benzyl Alcohol Inj. 5ml/50mg/60mg/100mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box IH
Lidocaine Hydrochloride Inj. 2ml/20mg/40mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box USP
Diltiazem Hydrochloride Inj. 2ml:10mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box CP
Ondansetron Hydrochloride Inj. 2ml:4mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box CP
Xanthinol Nicotinate Inj. 2ml:0.3g 10Amps/tray,10tray/box CP
Chlorphenamine Maleate Inj. 1ml/10mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box BP
Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Inj. 1ml/2mg/4mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box CP
Cytidine Disodium Triphosphate Inj. 2ml/20mg/40mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box BP
Calcium Chloride Inj. 10ml/0.3/0.5g 20ml/0.6/1g 10Amps/tray,10tray/box BP
Vitamin B1 Inj. 2ml/50mg/100mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box BP
Vitamin B6 Inj. 1ml/25mg/50mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box BP
Vitamin B12 Inj. 1ml/0.5mg/1mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box BP
Vitamin C Inj. 2ml/0.1g/0.25/5mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box BP
Diclofenac Sodium Inj. 75mg/3ml 10Amps/tray,10tray/box CP
Methionine and Vitamin B1 Inj. 2ml:40mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box CP
Meglumine Adenosine Cyclphosphate Inj. 2ml:30mg 5ml:60mg 10ml:150mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box CP
Metamizole Sodium Inj. 2ml/0.5g/1g 10Amps/tray,10tray/box CP
Atropine Sulfate Inj. 1ml/0.5mg/1mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box BP
Kanamycin Sulfate Inj. 2ml/0.5g 10Amps/tray,10tray/box BP
Compound Aminophenazone and Barbital Inj. 2ml/0.1g/40mg/18mg 10amp/tray,10traies/box CP
Compound Aminophenazone Inj. 2ml 10amp/tray,10traies/box CP
Paracetamol and Aminophenazone Inj. 2ml:0.2g/0.25g 10amp/tray,10traies/box CP
Sodium Ferulate Inj. 2ml:50mg 10amp/tray,10traies/box CP
Aminomethylbenzoic Acid Inj. 5ml:50mg, 10amp/tray,10traies/box CP
Gentamycin Sulfate Inj. 1ml/20mg/40mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box BP
Lincomycin Hydrochloride Inj. 1ml/0.2g 10Amps/tray,10tray/box BP
Ribavirin Inj. 1ml/100mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box CP
Nikethamide Inj. 1.5ml/0.375g 10Amps/tray,10tray/box CP
Tranexamic Acid Inj. 2ml/0.1g 10Amps/tray,10tray/box CP/BP
Glucose Inj. 40% /50%/25%10ml 10Amps/tray,1tray/box BP
Procaine Hydrochloride Inj. 2ml/40mg,5ml/25mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box USP
Sterile Water Inj. 2ml/5ml/10ml 10Amps/tray,10tray/box BP/USP
Chloroquine Phosphate Inj. 5ml/322mg/200mg 10Amps/tray,10tray/box BP93
Vitamin B Complex 3ml 10Amps/tray,10tray/box CP
Ranitidine inj. 50mg/2ml 10Amps/tray,10tray/box BP
Metoclopramide HCL Inj. 10mg/2ml 10Amps/tray,10tray/box BP
Furosemide inj. 20mg/2ml 10Amps/tray,10tray/box USP
Calcium Gluconate inj. 10% 10ml 10Amps/tray,1tray/box BP/CP
Capsule Specifications Packing Standard
Amoxicillin Capsule 0.125g/0.25g/0.5g 10capsule/blister,100/1000capsule/Tin BP
Cloxacillin Capsule 0.25g/0.5g 10capsule/blister,100/1000capsule/Tin BP
Ampicillin Capsule 0.125g/0.25g/0.5g 10capsule/blister,100/1000capsule/Tin BP
Ampicillin & Cloxacillin capsule 0.125g/0.25g/0.5g 10capsule/blister,100/1000capsule/Tin BP
Flucloxacillin Capsule 0.125g/0.25g/0.5g 10capsule/blister,100/1000capsule/Tin BP
Oxacillin Capsule 0.25g/0.5g 10capsule/blister,2blister/ Alu bag/box USP
Omeprazole Enteric-coated Capsules 20mg 10capsule/blister,2blister/ Alu bag/box USP
Compound Paracetamol &Amantadine HCL Caps 10capsule/blister,100/100 0capsule/Tin CP
Metformin Hydrochloride and Glibenclamide Capsule 250mg+1.25mg 10capsule/blister,100/1000capsule/Tin CP/BP
Tetracycline Hydrochloride Capsule 0.25g 10capsule/blister,100/1000capsule/Tin BP
Chloramphenicol Capsule 0.25g 10capsule/blister,100/1000capsule/Tin BP
Indomethacin Capsule 25mg 10capsule/blister,100/1000capsule/Tin BP
Ranitidine Hydrochloride Capsule 0.15g/0.3g 10capsule/blister,100/1000capsule/Tin BP
Rifampicin Capsule 0.15g/0.3g 10capsule/blister,100/1000capsule/Tin BP
Doxycycline Capsule 100mg/200mg 10capsule/blister,100/1000capsule/Tin BP
Lincomycin HCL Capsule 0.25g/0.5g 6/10capsule/blister,100/10 00capsule/Tin BP
Citicoline Sodium Capsule 40mg 12tablet/blister In house
Gabapentin Capsule 100mg/300mg 12tablet/blister USP
Otilonium bromide Capsule 40mg 12tablet/blister,1blisters/fo il bag In house
Clinofibrate Capsule 200mg 12tablet/blister In house
Ibuprofen Softgel Capsules 200mg 100 capsules/bottle In house
Paracetamol Softgel Capsules 500mg 100 capsules/bottle In house
Coenzyme Q10 Softgel Capsules 100mg 100 capsules/bottle In house
Vitamin A Softgel Capsules 50000IU 100 capsules/bottle In house
Vitamin E Softgel Capsules 400IU 100 capsules/bottle In house
Tablet Specifications Packing Standard
Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium Tablet 0.375g(2:1)/0.625g(4:1)/ 1g(7:1) 10tablet/blister,1/2blister/Alu bag/box, alu-alu USP
Amoxicillin Tablet 250mg/500mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin USP
Amoxicillin film coted Tablet 250mg/500mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin USP
Amoxicillin dispersible Tablet 125/250mg 10tablet/blister,10blisters/aluminium bag/box USP
Ampicillin Tablet 125mg/250mg/500mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP/USP
Oxacillin Tablet 0.25g 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP/BP
Phenoxymethylpenicillin Potassium Tablet 250mg/500mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Trimetazidine Hydrochloride Tablet 20mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP/BP
Ginsenoside Dispersible Tablet 0.3g 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP/BP
Vitamin U,Aluminium Hydroxide and Magnesium Trisilicate Tablet Compound 10tablet/blister,100/1000t ablet/Tin CP/BP
Clarithromycin Tablet 500mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin USP/BP
Rauwolfia Tablet 4mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP/BP
Behehou Tablet Compound 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP/BP
Griseofulvin Tablet 0.25g/0.5g 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Chloramphenicol Tablet 0.25g/0.5g 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin USP
Paracetamol Tablet 0.1g/0.5g 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Atenolol Tablet 25mg/50mg/100mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP/USP
Spironolactone Tablet 25mg/50mg/100mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Oxytetracycline Tablet 0.25g/0.5g 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Tetracycline Hydrochloride Tablet 0.25g/0.5g 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Glibenclamide Tablet 2.5mg/5mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Metamizole Sodium Tablet 0.5g 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP
Nitrendipine Tablet 10mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP
Potassium Chloride Tablet 0.25g 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP
Cotrimoxazole Tablet 480mg/960mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Theophylline Sustained Release Tablet 0.1g/0.2g 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP
Aciclovir Tablet 0.1g/0.2g 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Ribavirin Tablet 20mg/100mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP
Saccharated Yeast Tablet 0.2g 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP
Ranitidine Hydrochloride Tablet 0.15g/0.3g 10tablet/blister,1/2blister/Alu bag/box BP
Vitamin B6 Tablet 10mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Vitamin C Tablet 0.1g/0.25g/0.5g 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Vitamin C chewable Tablet 0.5g 10tablet/blister,10blister/al uminium bag/box BP
Complex Vitamin B film coated Tablet B1:3mg,B2:1.5mg,Nicoti mide:10mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Glipizide Tablet 5mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP/BP
Aspirin Tablet 0.1g/0.3g/0.5g 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Naproxen Tablet 0.1g/0.25g 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Naproxen sodium Tablet 275mg 10tablet/blister,1/2blister/Alu bag/box CP/BP
Levofloxacin  film       coated Tablet 500mg 10tablet/blister,1/2blister/Alu bag/box CP/USP
Metronidazole Tablets 500mg 10tablet/blister,1/2blister/Alu bag/box BP
Berberine Hydrochloride Tablet 0.1g 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP
Carbamazepin Tablet 200mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP/USP
Neutral Proteinase Enteric-coated Tablet 10mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP
Ibuprofen     sugar-coated Tablet 200/400/600mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Ciprofloxacin coated Tablet 250mg/500mg/750mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin USP
Ciprofloxacin Tablet 250mg/500mg/750mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin USP
Moxifloxacin HydrochlorideTablets 400mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin IH
Diclofenac    Sodium Entric-coated Tablet 25mg/50mg/100mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Diclofenac    Sodium Entric-sugarcoated Tablet 25mg/50mg/100mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP/BP
Fluoxetine Tablet 20mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin USP
Doxycycline Tablet 100mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Metformin Hydrochloride Tablet 500mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin CP/BP
Chloroquine       Phosphate Tablet 250mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin BP
Thioridazine sugar coated tablet 100mg/25mg 10tablet/blister,100/1000tablet/Tin USP
Isosorbide Mononitrate Tablet 20mg 12tablet/blister BP/USP
Lamivudine Tablet 100mg 10tablet/blister(alu-blister) BP
Otilonium bromide dispersible Tablet 40mg 10tablet/blister,20blisters/foil bag In house
Sildenafil Citrate Tablet 50mg/100mg 2tablet/blister,1blisters/foil bag In house
Benazepril Hydrochloride Tablet 10mg 14tablet/blister USP
Valsartan Dispersible Tablet 40mg 7tablet/blister,3blisters/foi l bag In house
Doxazosin Mesylate Tablet 1mg/4mg 14tablet/blister In house
Terbinafine hydrochloride vaginal effervescent Tablet 50mg 3tablet/blister(Alu-alu) In house
Indobufen Tablet 200mg 10tablet/blister In house
Trimetazidine Dihydrochloride Modified Release Tablet 35mg 15tablet/blister CP
Valsartan and Amlodipine Tablet 10mg 14tablet/blister,1blisters/fo il bag In house
Voglibose Tablet 200mg 15tablet/blister In house
Memantine Hydrochloride Tablet 10mg 12tablet/blister In house
Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride Tablet 5mg 15tablet/blister,1blisters/fo il bag In house
Olanzapine Tablet 5mg/10mg 7tablet/blister(Alu-alu) USP
Vilazodone Tablet 10mg/20mg/40mg 30tablet/bottle In house
Montelukast Sodium Chewable Tablet 4mg/5mg 10tablet/blister In house
Montelukast Tablet 10mg 10tablet/blister In house
Alogliptin Benzoate Tablet 12.5mg/25mg 14tablet/blister In house
Tadalafil Tablet 10mg/20mg 10/15tablet/blister In house
Amfebutamone Hydrochloride Sustained-release Tablet 150mg 10tablet/blister In house
Repaglinide and Metformin Hydrochloride Tablet 1mg:500mg/2mg:500mg 100tablet/bottle In house
Uraidil Sutaied-releaeTalet 30mg 10tablet/blister In house
Atorvastatin Calcium Tablet 10mg/20mg 7tablet/blister(Alu-alu) In house
Escitalopram Oxalate Tablet 5mg/10mg/20mg 7tablet/blister USP
Desloratadine Tablet 5mg 15tablet/blister In house
Linezolid Tablet 600mg 10tablet/blister In house
Quetiapine Fumarate Tablet 50mg/200mg/300mg/40 0mg 10tablet/blister In house
Clinofibrate Tablet 200mg 12tablet/blister In house
Clinofibrate dispersible Tablet 200mg 12tablet/blister,2blisters/f oil bag In house
Nebivolol hydrochloride Tablet 5mg 17tablet/bottle or 31tablet/bottle In house
Cephalosporin tablet &capsule Specifications Packing Standard
Cefixime Capsule 400mg 10tablet/blister USP
Cefixime Tablet 400mg 10tablet/blister,alu-blister /alu-alu USP
Cefixime Dispersive Tablet 400mg 10tablet/blister,alu-blister /alu-alu USP
Cefolomidate tablet 100mg 10tablet/blister,1/2blister/Alu bag/box USP
Cefuroxime Axetil Tablet 125mg/250mg/500mg 10tablet/blister,alu-blister /alu-alu USP
Cefuroxime Axetil Dispersive Tablet 125mg/250mg/500mg 10tablet/blister,alu-blister /alu-alu USP
Cefotiam Hexetil Hydrochloride Tablet 100mg/200mg 10tablet/blister,alu-blister /alu-alu USP
Cefotiam Hexetil Hydrochloride Capsule 100mg/200mg 10tablet/blister,alu-blister /alu-alu CP
Cefalexin Capsule 250mg/500mg 10tablet/blister CP/USP
Cefadroxil Capsule 500mg 10tablet/blister,alu-blister/ alu-alu USP
Cefadroxil Tablet 500mg 10tablet/blister USP
Cefradine Tablet 400mg 10tablet/blister USP
Cefradine Dispersive Tablet 400mg 10tablet/blister USP
Cefradine Capsule 400mg 10tablet/blister,alu-blister /alu-alu USP
Ceftazidime capsule 400mg 10tablet/blister,alu-blister /alu-alu USP
Ceftazidime tablet 400mg 10tablet/blister USP
Ceftazidime Dispersive tablet 400mg 10tablet/blister USP
Cefaclor tablet 400mg 10tablet/blister USP
Cefaclor Dispersive tablet 400mg 10tablet/blister USP
Cefaclor Capsule 400mg 10tablet/blister USP
Cefdeni tablet 400mg 10tablet/blister USP
Cefdeni Dispersive tablet 400mg 10tablet/blister USP
Cefdeni capsule 400mg 10tablet/blister USP
Cefpropene tablets 400mg 10tablet/blister USP
Cefpropene Dispersive tablets 400mg 10tablet/blister USP
Cefpropene Capsule 400mg 10tablet/blister USP
Oral Suspension Specifications Packing Standard
Nitazoxanide       for oral suspension 100mg/5ml 60ml CP
Amoxicillin for oral suspension 125mg/5ml,250mg/5ml 60ml/100ml/bottle/box USP
Ampicillin for oral suspension 125mg/5ml,250mg/5ml 60ml/100ml/bottle/box USP
Penicillin V Potassium for oral suspension 125mg/5ml,250mg/5ml 60ml/100ml/bottle/box BP
Oxacillin for oral suspension 125mg/5ml,250mg/5ml 60ml/100ml/bottle/box USP
Cloxacillin for oral suspension 125mg/5ml,250mg/5ml 60ml/100ml/bottle/box USP
Cefuroxime axetil for oral suspension 250mg/125mg sachet/bottle,according to customer requirement USP
Cefixime for oral suspension 100MG/5ML/50ML sachet/bottle USP
Cefalexin for oral suspension 250MG/5ML/60ML sachet/bottle,according to customer requirement USP
Cefolomidate granules 50mg 10sachets/box USP
Puerarin soup granule 4g/sachet 9 sachets/box CP
Ibuprofen granules 100mg/200mg 10 sachets/box CP
Oral Rehydration Salt 20.5g/27.9g 50/100sachets/box BP
VC granules 100mg 10sachets/box In house
Azithromycin for oral suspension 100mg/200mg 10sachets/box; 100mg/5ml*60ml; 200mg/5ml*15ml; 200mg/5ml*60ml In house
Paracetamol for oral suspension 125mg/250mg 10sachets/box; 125mg/5ml*60ml; 250mg/5ml*60ml In house
Cotrimoxazole for oral suspension 480mg/240mg 10sachets/box; 480mg/10ml*100ml; 480mg/10ml*60ml; 240mg/5ml*100ml In house
Ibuprofen for oral suspension 100mg/5ml*100ml 100mg/5ml*100ml In house
Diclofenac Potassium for oral suspension 25mg 25mg/5ml*60ml In house
Aerosol Specifications Packing Standard
Salbutamol sulfate aerosol 100ug*200 1bottle/box BP
TCM Specifications Packing Standard
Magnolia Officinalis Wils Exhaust Mixture 50ml/100ml 1bottle/box State Standard
Suppository Specifications Packing Standard
Wasong Pessary suppository 5g/8g 4granules/blister/box CP
Diclofenac       Sodium Suppository 50mg/100mg/200mg 6granules/blister/box CP
Artesunate Suppository 50mg/100mg/200mg 6granules/blister/box CP
Ketoprofen suppository 100mg 6granules/blister/box State Standard
Paracetamol Suppository 100mg/150mg/300mg 6granules/blister/box CP
Indomethacin Suppository 100mg 6granules/blister/box CP
Artemether Suppository 80mg 6granules/blister/box State Standard
Tinidazole Suppository 200mg 6granules/blister/box State Standard
Anti -Cancer powder for Inj. Specifications Packing Standard
Bortezomib for inj. 3.5mg 1/10/50vial/box
Epirubicin for Inj. 10mg 1/10/50vial/box
Azacitidine for inj. 0.1g 1/10/50vial/box
Anti -Cancer tablet Specifications Packing Standard
Imatinib Mesylate Tablet 100mg /400mg 10tablet/blister In house
Erlotinib Hydrochloride Tablet 100mg/150mg 10tablet/blister In house
Gefitinib tablet 250mg 10tablet/blister In house
Sorafenib tosylate tablet 200mg 7tablet/blister In house
Parenteral nutrition solution Specifications Packing Standard
Lipid Emulsion, Amino Acids(17), Glucose(11%) three  chamber       bags: 1440ml 4 bags / box, 4 pieces of leaflet are placed inside, and air bublle fill will be placed at the bottom of the bag. In house
Lipid Emulsion(10%)/Amino Acids(15)and Glucose(20%) three chamber bags: 2000ml In house
Amino acid glucose injection Double chamber bag: 1000ml 8 bags/carton, 8 inserts inside, 8 bags of products are packed in plastic bags In house
Lipid Emulsion,Amino Acids, Glucose electrolyte injection Double chamber bag: 900ml In house
Medium and Long Chain Fat Emulsion/Amino Acids(16)/Glucose(16%) Injection three chamber bags: 1250ml In house
Glucose Amino Acid Vitamin B1 Electrolyte Injection Double chamber bag: 500ml In house
Mixed sugar amino acid electrolyte injection Double chamber bag: 850ml In house