Covid Vaccine


  • Two intramuscular shots, four weeks apart
  • Storage in a regular refrigerator. No deep freezer needed.
  • Comes in single dose and vials of 10 or 20 doses
  • Demonstrated to produce immune response in 96% of people
  • Using the whole virion means that mutations have much less impact on the product than those vaccines only using one protein. Demonstrated to be effective against the UK variant already.

More information

API Vaccines USA is the exclusive distributor for COVAXIN™ for all CARPHA member states, as well as Dominican Republic, Panama, Belize, and Ecuador. See below for copy of the official letter.

Bharat Biotech’s COVAXIN™ is a whole -virion inactivated vaccine which is being developed in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Institute of Virology (NIV). COVAXIN”” has been formulated to be able to be stored under 2-8°C storage conditions.

COVAXIN™ has undergone pre­ clinical trials, live -viral challenge studies, a Phase I/II seamless trial, and nearly complete Phase Ill trial.

The product development and clinical trial data thus far has generated 6 publications, which have been submit ted to international peer reviewed journals, 4 of which have been accepted for publishing. See below for links to all papers.

As we progress with the clinical development, we have received an Emergency Use License (EUL) under clinical trial mode for COVAXIN™ from the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization. We have submitted our candidate for EUL evaluation in over 15 countries other than India and are actively in conversation with Gavi for inclusion of our vaccine in the COVAX Facility.

COVAXIN Safety Information